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Open Call: Travel grant for the development of artists and designers abroad

Oktober 2022

Klik hier om de oproep voor het Reisstipendium 2024 te lezen in het Nederlands


With this travel grant the arts committee aims to support and encourage artists and designers in the province of Utrecht in their artistic development by enabling a journey. The travel grant is intended as part of the funding for a journey or residency abroad for the artistic development of the artist or designer. The focus is on the impact the journey can have on the artist's work. The travel grant can cover up to 50% of the costs, with the artist or designer having to finance the other 50% from other sources.

Who for?

The scheme is intended for professional visual artists and designers living and/or working in the province of Utrecht. The travel grant is open to visual artists and designers in all disciplines and at all stages of their careers. The travel grant cannot be applied for by bachelor students at art schools. The scheme is only open to individual artists or designers (not to duos or trios).

What for?

Successful applications can take various forms: from residencies to study trips and retreats. The travel grant is primarily process-oriented rather than performance-oriented: it is about development and discovery, not necessarily a product (new work) or presentation (exhibition).


Applications will be evaluated by the Arts Committee of the K.F. Hein Fonds. The deadline is 2nd of september 2024. The evaluation criteria are:

  • the applicant is a professional working artist or designer (not a bachelor student);
  • the applicant lives and/or works in the province of Utrecht;
  • a clear substantiation of why the trip is important for artistic development at this particular moment;
  • a comprehensive budget and financial coverage plan for travel and accommodation (which also clarifies how the other 50% of the costs will be financed);
  • a realistic time schedule;
  • attention to sustainability in the plan.

Budget and categories

There are two separate categories:

  • Category A: max. €5,000, for larger applications with a longer duration, such as foreign residencies lasting several months;
  • Category B: max. €1,000, for smaller applications such as study trips and working visits.

The K.F. Hein Fonds contributes a maximum of 50% of the total costs and can also - especially in category A - assist in the preparation of the trip and provide input/make recommendations on further funding (applications to third parties).

The intention is for all plans to be implemented within a year. 

The K.F. Hein Fonds has a target budget of €10,000 a year, with one application moment in 2024.

Contact before, during and after the journey

The K.F. Hein Fonds sees the travel grant as a guidance programme and is always happy to keep in touch with the artist during the preparation of the journey. We also like to be in contact during the visit. The artist or designer is asked to maintain a blog or vlog. The art committee would like to read about the impact of the journey in a short report after the artist’s return.

What do we ask?

An application should consist of an elaborated project description making clear the importance of the visit abroad for the applicant's own art practice (max. two A4), an overview of recent work (max. 20 images) and a CV (with a list of recent exhibitions). Besides the assessment of the content of the application, the relevance of the project for the artist/designer at this specific moment in their own art practice is given considerable weight. The feasibility of the plan in combination with a realistic timetable and a balanced budget is also taken into consideration. The involvement of an external partner in the plan can be an advantage.

The sustainability of the plan and the mode of travel are also considered. Air travel must be climate-neutral (with carbon offset as a minimum).

To be eligible to compete for the travel grant, a submission must consist of a single pdf containing the following documents:

  • an application letter containing the name, address, telephone number and date of birth of the submitter;
  • a clear project description (max. 2 A4) explaining the plan and its relevance to the applicant's own professional practice;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • an overview of recent work (last 5 years) with up to 20 images.

Submissions can only be made by email to and no later than 28th october 2024. Only one submission can be made per submitter. Entries may be written in Dutch or English.

Schedule overview

Start application round 2nd of september 2024
Deadline 28th of october 2024
Result Week of 18th of november 2024
Departure No later than december 2025

We expect to issue another open call for the travel grant in 2025.


About the K.F. Hein Fonds

The K.F. Hein Fonds believes it is important that people make the Utrecht region more beautiful and stronger, and that residents are given the opportunity to develop themselves further. That is why we support special initiatives and individuals with donations, advice, awards, grants and commissions. Moreover, we like to bring valuable projects to wide attention and contribute ideas on how cooperation can strengthen an initiative. The K.F. Hein Fonds focuses on a range of areas of activity: Culture and Public Development, Social/Community, Nature and Sustainability, Public Health, Performing Arts and Heritage Conservation.

About the arts committee

As an artist you want to be able to develop. And to have a high profile when necessary. Our arts committee supports artists and designers from the province of Utrecht in doing so. The committee does this with special projects and art commissions in special places in the province. We award the K.F. Hein Stipend once every two years and we facilitate art commissions in special locations in the province. We visit studios and we manage the Garden Studio.