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Artist talk & panel discussion illustrated

November 2022

Only in English available

What are the reasons for going abroad as an artist or designer, how do you organise your travels and what do you need in preparation? Together with 3 artists who went abroad in 2022, partners such as Dutch Culture | TransArtists and Fonds Kwadraat we held an artist talk and panel discussion in English for and with artists and designers from Utrecht. Illustrator Katja Fred captured the talk in illustrations.

View them below and click on the image to enlarge.

This artist talk was hosted because of our K.F. Hein Travel Grant 2022, for artist and designers. The deadline to send in your application is 7 november. 


Illustration of the K.F. Hein Fonds library filled with people listening to three artists. Text on image: K.F. Hein Fonds Artist Talk with artists Frances Rompas, Akihiro Boujoh, Jolanda Meulendijks.

Illustration of the 3 artists and the reasons they went abroad illustrated.



Illustration of Jolanda surrounded by @ signs. Text with a tip from Jolanda, to write emails to institutions to get in touch..

Illustration of Akihiro surrounded by materials and a phone. With the tip: contact the embassy, they have a huge network and many connections.

Illustration of Frances with clouds/scents around her head. With the tip: give yourself time to land and look for local guides on the spot.

Illustration of Heidi Vogels with the quote: if you have the urge to go: go and make it happen


Illustration of an artist sharing the tip: ask yourself what you need - not only in practical terms but also socially to find the right match